Would you like to get involved in the campaign, but don’t know how? Well, besides signing up to volunteer, here is a quick start guide of things you can do RIGHT NOW to help out!

Social Media

Follow the campaign on the following platforms:

Like and share the posts you see there. The more likes and shares we can get, the more people get to see our message.

Buy Swag

Consider buying a yard sign and some merchandise. It’s easy to help the campaign out by wearing our merchandise when you are out and about. You’d be surprised by how many conversations just wearing a shirt will start and help you spread the word.

Money drives campaigns forward. It allows us to get our message out more effectively by hiring professionals to help with communications, paying for infrastructure, paying for filing fees with the state, and much, much more. Please consider a donation to the campaign today!

Write a Letter to the Editor

Libertarian campaigns struggle to get media attention, but YOU can directly help with that effort. Reach out to your local news outlet and ask about the parameters for a Letter to the Editor. These are generally very short and can help the campaign out immensely!