Lieutenant Governor Candidate Pledges to End Civil Asset Forfeiture in Georgia

ATLANTA, GA: Libertarian Ryan Graham is highlighting a particular aspect of criminal justice reform that he plans to tackle if elected in November. The policy that leaves citizens vulnerable to having their assets taken by police without charges being filed is the focus of his message. 

“Civil asset forfeiture is a policy that allows corruption to thrive,” Graham explains. “It is truly troubling that authorities can simply claim your property was connected to a crime without any proof and that property can be taken from you. I will fight to end any attempts to infringe on our fundamental right to due process.”

A vote for Ryan Graham as your next Lieutenant Governor is a vote to limit the ways in which government can interject itself into our daily lives. It is time Georgia is represented by an individual who respects not just the Constitution, but all of the people the Constitution was written to protect.

Press Release: Statement on Music Midtown Cancellation

Atlanta, GA – Today it was announced that Music Midtown was canceled due to being forced by Georgia law to allow participants to carry firearms at the event. Ryan Graham, the Libertarian candidate for Lt Governor, thinks there is a more nuanced approach to this problem that Republicans and Democrats ignore.

“Organizations have every right to set rules in order to participate in their private events. That doesn’t change just because the land is public,” Graham said. “We can support an individual’s right to keep and bear arms and balance that with others’ freedom of association. Markets can sort this out. If you don’t want to go to a gun-free event, don’t. If you don’t want to go to an event that allows guns, don’t.  It’s really that simple.”

Republicans will laud the law that forces association on private organizations. Democrats are already dishonestly making this about Constitutional Carry, a law that has nothing to do with this situation. Meanwhile, Graham supports a change in law giving the decision-making ability back to organizers to set requirements for participation in their events, a real solution.

If we really want to Strike the Root of the problem we need to have a conversation about public land in general. If this were private property this wouldn’t even be a question, the owners of that private property would be able to make whatever rules they wanted regarding participation.

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Libertarian Candidate for Lieutenant Governor calls for Real School Choice

ATLANTA, GACandidate for Lieutenant Governor of Georgia, Ryan Graham, has made education choice a major focus of his campaign. 

While the Georgia legislature has paid lip service to some small aspects of “school choice,” Graham believes it doesn’t go near far enough to ensure actual choices are available to parents and students seeking alternative education opportunities.

“Bureaucratic red tape is still an impediment to many families in their effort to secure the best possible education for their children,” says Graham. “Those in power want to dictate what qualifies as an educational expense and force parents to sign curriculum agreements that don’t allow for innovation. This isn’t real choice. It isn’t freedom.”

Real choice, Graham contends, allows for limitless innovation and promotes growth and individuality in a way that our current public school system fails to do. He believes that for such new options to thrive, parents and guardians must be empowered to use their child’s educational funding in the ways that best serve the child. 

The Lieutenant Governor hopeful seeks to empower students, families, and teachers not only through a school choice program, but also by promoting curriculum innovation. The Libertarian candidate believes state bureaucrats and politicians have suffocated innovative ideas and would like to see teachers, parents, and local community leaders take the lead on such issues.

AJC Polling Shows Strong Support for Libertarian in Lt Governors Race

Atlanta, GA – The Atlanta Journal-Constitution has released a poll that includes ALL candidates on the ballot for Lt. Governor and the results show strong support for the Libertarian candidate, Ryan Graham. In recent history, Libertarians have gotten a little over 2% of the vote in three-way General Elections. Graham is polling at 7%.

“We’re leading among voters that consider themselves Independent, a group that has been growing steadily year over year,” said Graham. “What that tells me is there is a large voting block that feels under-represented by the two old parties and they’re looking for more choices on their ballot.”

Georgians are sick and tired of the hyper-partisanship coming out of the Republican and Democratic parties. Graham offers an alternative and a focus on issues instead of politics. “I will continue focusing my message on educational freedom, criminal justice reform, and election reform, issues that matter to Georgians. I will continue pressing my opponents to answer important policy questions instead of offering evermore empty campaign rhetoric.”

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Georgia Voters Disenfranchised Again by Antiquated Ballot Access Law

ATLANTA, GA –  For the past few months, Ryan Graham has been focused on his campaign for Lieutenant Governor. Meanwhile, Angela Pence was looking to take on controversial Republican Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene in the 14th Congressional District.

Unfortunately, only one of these names will appear on Georgia ballots this November. Pence will not be on the ballot for Northwest Georgians in the 14th District this fall thanks to a state ballot access law dating back to 1943. Georgia has the most arduous ballot access laws in the country with the original intent of the law being to keep Communist Party members off of the ballot. The law dictates a third-party or independent candidate wanting to be on the General Election ballot would need to acquire petition signatures from 5% of their district—in some places, you are looking at over 20,000 signatures. “It’s unbelievably frustrating that I get to be on the ballot and Angela does not,” says Graham. “Angela worked tirelessly since January when petitioning legally began, traveling, meeting people, paying her $5,220 filing fee just to be denied. The system is rigged.” 

Graham also admires Pence’s hard work and dedication in trying to gain ballot access as she is a mother to eight children with another on the way. “I give Angela and the other nominated candidates who went out there and gave it their all my respect and admiration for seeing it through,” says Graham. “To deny these people of character and determination the opportunity to have their names appear on the ballot is heartbreaking, but to also deny Georgia voters the opportunity to cast their ballot for these remarkable people is voter disenfranchisement to the core. ”To learn more about Ryan Graham and his campaign for Lieutenant Governor, please visit Inquiries can be sent directly to Mr. Graham by email.