Lieutenant Governor Candidate Pledges to End Civil Asset Forfeiture in Georgia

ATLANTA, GA: Libertarian Ryan Graham is highlighting a particular aspect of criminal justice reform that he plans to tackle if elected in November. The policy that leaves citizens vulnerable to having their assets taken by police without charges being filed is the focus of his message. 

“Civil asset forfeiture is a policy that allows corruption to thrive,” Graham explains. “It is truly troubling that authorities can simply claim your property was connected to a crime without any proof and that property can be taken from you. I will fight to end any attempts to infringe on our fundamental right to due process.”

A vote for Ryan Graham as your next Lieutenant Governor is a vote to limit the ways in which government can interject itself into our daily lives. It is time Georgia is represented by an individual who respects not just the Constitution, but all of the people the Constitution was written to protect.

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