Libertarian Candidate for Lieutenant Governor calls for Real School Choice

ATLANTA, GACandidate for Lieutenant Governor of Georgia, Ryan Graham, has made education choice a major focus of his campaign. 

While the Georgia legislature has paid lip service to some small aspects of “school choice,” Graham believes it doesn’t go near far enough to ensure actual choices are available to parents and students seeking alternative education opportunities.

“Bureaucratic red tape is still an impediment to many families in their effort to secure the best possible education for their children,” says Graham. “Those in power want to dictate what qualifies as an educational expense and force parents to sign curriculum agreements that don’t allow for innovation. This isn’t real choice. It isn’t freedom.”

Real choice, Graham contends, allows for limitless innovation and promotes growth and individuality in a way that our current public school system fails to do. He believes that for such new options to thrive, parents and guardians must be empowered to use their child’s educational funding in the ways that best serve the child. 

The Lieutenant Governor hopeful seeks to empower students, families, and teachers not only through a school choice program, but also by promoting curriculum innovation. The Libertarian candidate believes state bureaucrats and politicians have suffocated innovative ideas and would like to see teachers, parents, and local community leaders take the lead on such issues.

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